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So why some resources? Well, after working over 25 years in the heritage sector with many amazing teams of experts the big thing is that, especially in UK, most experts love to share skills and knowledge. Management like to call it ‘partnership’.

So below is my small attempt to share some of the things I have learnt……..

Community Projects


TRAINING FOR WAR: Behind the Scenes by Gail Mackintosh.

I edited this, took some photos and together with the amazing graphic designer Jennie Osborne produced this as an ‘end of term report’ for this Heritage Lottery Funded project. See page 20 for my top 5 tips working on community heritage projects.


An example that history can be fun, not always dry facts. Local writer Steve Hill made three poems to raise awareness about the Brighton ‘folly’ the Pepper Pot designed by Charles Barry. Using colour acetate and take away menu cards I made this comic strip using the text. It was published in 2009 in the Hanover Directory magazine.

Exhibitions Planning



This is a summary developed after the most intense community project I have worked on together with fans from Crystal Palace Football Club. Some of this involved discovering memorabilia in dusty attics. At the start I was out of my comfort zone but managed to develop a unique display in less than three months!


A flowchart that I designed to show everybody involved in the complex touring exhibition ‘Ancient Egypt: Digging for Dreams’ who was responsible for what. I was project managing it all. This became an important three page chart for the tour partners of Croydon Clocktower, Petrie Museum and the Burrell Collection in Glasgow.


This is based on a simple list that museums education guru Fraser Swift developed in the 1990s. I keep on coming back to this checklist and adding more detail. I am also experimenting with cheap Basecamp software to help with communication and sharing information with different clients.

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