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Some video examples of some previous exhibitions I have managed. All AV (audio-visual) and editing courtesy of me ‘learning on the job’. I use simple audio software, a Lumix camera and sometimes a Samsung smartphone (see Digital Art) and everything's edited on the wonder that is an Apple MacBook Pro.

Building an Exhibition


Behind the scenes: installing the sets and some of the exhibits for the comics exhibition at the Lightbox during August 2016. Featuring Lightbox staff, Bowerwood crew, me and co-curator Paul Gravett.


Behind the scenes: making First World War ‘Training for War’ exhibition at Worthing Museum. AV slideshow showing sketch ideas I created and final built versions thanks to the help of Worthing Museum technicians and volunteers during April 2015.


Behind the scenes: creating a football exhibition at Croydon Clocktower. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Crystal Palace Football Club I was commissioned with Steve Hill in 2005 to create an exhibition within 3 months. See what happens with fans memorabilia, sketches and some toy building block animation. Apologies for the poor video quality.


Behind the scenes: constructing a family friendly digital art exhibition for the Lightbox in Woking. Featuring sketches for the set builders, low tech and high tech interactives, some weird ping-pong sounds and a lot of scaffolding back in 2014.

Oral History and Promos


While working at the WRVS Heritage Plus project I was asked to find the origins of a mystery box containing magic lantern slides. I interviewed a photography expert and Gypsy Romany Traveller historian and elders who revealed all. This is my first slideshow I created editing audio and images in 2010.


As well as researching and designing the exhibition Alien Invasion for the Lightbox in Woking (the ‘home’ of ‘War of the Worlds’ by H.G.Wells) I also created this short promo using only 3 copyright free images and some sounds I made years earlier. This was made in summer 2013.


So a rusty horseshoe looks boring? Think again and watch this AV slideshow as you learn about the history of a First World War horseshoe from a master farrier (blacksmith) in 2015. To accompany the audio there are images and objects normally hidden away in the Worthing Museum stores. This video was made due to the experience I gained at WRVS Heritage Plus.

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